Online Marketing for Media

Online Marketing for Media

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Online Marketing for Media: The Case of Greek News Websites
International Journal of Marketing Studies; Vol. 9, No. 2; 2017
ISSN 1918-719X E-ISSN 1918-7203

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ABSTRACT: Nowadays it is quite easy to create a news website and start promoting it online. However, the structure of a significant amount of news websites seems to have been changing, often deviating from trends of past years or even setting their own marketing direction. Based on seven hypotheses related with online marketing characteristics, the researchers gathered data from articles posted on Greek news websites that reported three major events. After visiting the websites for a second time in order to compare the data, they calculated our results. These results show a clearer picture of how the situation currently is for the top twenty Greek news websites according to Α This paper also highlights newer trends in online news reporting, such as the elimination of the » like » button in favour of the shares, and also makes suggestions for further research.

Nikos Antonopoulos, Andreas Veglis & Argyris Emmanouloudis
School of Journalism & Mass Communications, Media Informatics Lab, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece
School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands