JOURNAL Computers in Human Behaviour

Nikos Antonopoulos, Andreas Veglis, Antonis Gardikiotis, Rigas Kotsakis, George Kalliris, Web Third-person effect in structural aspects of the information on media websites, Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 44, March 2015, Pages 48-58, ISSN 0747-5632,

In this study, the characteristics of what users observe when visiting a media website as wells as the prediction of the impact on oneself, friends and others are researched. The influence that this information has over their opinion verifies the existence of Web Third-person effect (WTPE). With the use of an online survey (N = 9150) in all media websites it was proved that the variables that have a greater impact either on others or our friends than ourselves are: The number of users being concurrently online on the same media website, the exact number of users having read each article on a media website as well as the number of users having shared a news article on facebook, twitter, or other social networks. Moreover, age is a significant factor that explains the findings and is important to the effect. Additionally, factors that affect the influence of the user generated messages on others than on oneself were found. Furthermore, the more credible the news is perceived to be and when there is not a particular mediated message the WTPE is absent confirming the existing theory.